Uvet and American Express Global Business Travel, together for your business trip


Uvet | American Express Global Business Travel – a joint venture between the Uvet Group and American Express Global Business Travel – is a leader in the world of services and solutions for company mobility. It has six Business Travel Centres in Italy, in order to respond to every travel management need, and operations around the world. We offers outstanding technological solutions and system integration for the simplification, management, and monitoring of all expenses and for budget containment.

Travel Specialists for Generations

Our experience in the organisation of business trips allows your employees to travel safely and our solutions help to contain costs and reach your company objectives. We are constantly perfecting our technology and are always on the look out for new commercial partners so that we may transform your trip into a unique experience.

Design a successful trip with out people.

Technology is the basis of our activity, but it’s our team of specialists that makes it work. At Uvet | American Express Global Business Travel, service is in our DNA and we draw from this foundation in order to support business travellers during every moment of their trip.

Travel Consultants

When business travellers need help, our consultants come to the rescue immediately, providing proactive assistance around the world. We handle every kind of travel emergency, both routine and unforeseen, and we support your travellers for the duration of their trip.
The safety of your travellers is our priority.

Account Manager

We support your business objectives by taking care of your travellers and providing solutions that increase efficiency and savings. We work with you to create a customised management program for monitoring expenses, properly applying the travel policy, identifying new booking tools, and integrating with your company systems.

​Our Leadership

Our executive team represents a rich and varied world of experience. Under its leadership we are revolutionising company travel. Find out who is taking this route in order to improve company travel and develop better solutions.

Code of Ethics

Uvet | American Express Global Business Travel’s code of conduct is a commitment that we all share – from our recruits to our board of directors – to hold ourselves and our company to the highest legal, ethical, and moral standards.

Atlante Foundation, a non profit organisation, promotes and organises recovery initiatives for the safeguard of our cultural, historic, and artistic heritage.

In 2011, Gruppo Uvet and Amadeus Italia built this foundation with the objective of promoting culture as a means for improving quality of life and social cohesiveness and financing charitable initiatives that would contribute to specific projects connected to:

ART: safeguard the country’s historic and artistic heritage in an effort to keep the roots of its cultural identity alive.

TRAVEL: focus attention on the environment, encouraging interaction between industry and business travellers and redeveloping locations that are becoming rundown.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: cooperate with charitable initiatives in the recovery of locations struck by environmental disasters and whose cultural heritage has been damaged, and support humanitarian ethics projects.

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