UMove: the Website for Your Business Trips

Optimise the Management of Business Trips

The Uvet | American Express Global Business Travel website is designed to be a true community tool: With Umove travellers can access all of the corporate mobility products and solutions with just a click, have information about travel expenses and about one’s own business trip, managing the expenses and expiration dates associated with the company car.

Travel Tools

Autonomously manage and organise your travel expenses

Risk Management

Don’t let yourself be caught unprepared during your trip


Everything you need for your work engagements


Compare and analyse the data regarding company travel expenses


Manage invoices and administrative procedures

Fleet Management

 Optimize the management of the corporate fleet

We manage every passenger’s profile
Every user can access the site with his or her profile, providing personal data and travel preferences. For those who travel frequently to the same place, the most that is required is that they provide their preferred dates and times so as to make every business trip enjoyable.

Customised Solutions for Business Trips

Travel Tools

All of the most useful tools for managing and organising a business trip. In this area one can access the self booking tool in order to make reservations for the business trip, the traveller profile in order to specify personal travel preferences, and the tools for creating an expense note and for configuring one’s company car.

Risk Management

So as to always be updated on situations that can impact the trip and traveller safety: from news about strikes and the closing of airports to tools for geo-locating employees no matter where they are and bringing them home if necessary.


All of the most useful services for completing the trip: from taxis to web conferences and from teams that organise company meetings to 24/7 emergency solutions. We are always at your side.


In a world in which the checking of data is increasingly important, Uvet | American Express Global Business makes a variety of reports available in order to best handle information before, during, and after a trip.


Access accounting documents at any moment and autonomously download invoices and statements of account.

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