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BizReport is a business intelligence tool available to you, for monitoring and analyzing costs related to the management of company expenses. It has three fundamental characteristics: ease of access, speed of consultation, and reliability of content. The system is capable of inserting visual and informational monitor messages according to eventual pre-defined variances with respect to each kind of indicator that you would like to pay attention to.

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Expense area

We highlight the main areas of spending related to business trips and according to shared criteria.

Travel Policy

We constantly assure that the travel policy is respected.

Lowest Fare

We verify the reasons why a more affordable rate was not applied.


Together, we identify future opportunities for savings.



We help you to improve your fundamental decision-making process and your company practices.

We Manage Your Expenses
Thanks to BizExpense you will have a management tool that facilitates the post-trip spending flow. With an intuitive approval and notifications system, managing expenses will be as easy as filling out a simple form. BizExpense is the right solution for your company if you want to manage your travel expenses through a single multi-country, multi-language, multi-currency system.

We Support You in Negotiating the Best Rates

For us at Uvet | American Express Global Business Travel, making sure that people travel at the lowest cost possible is an objective which we have been reaching for years with our clients. We make a work team available to you that is dedicated to collecting and improving the strategies and relationships with all of our suppliers and partners, using our Supply Management Platform in order to access specific rates and special offers.

Monitor Your Travel Expenses 

Thanks to Air Track Expert we have a system that automatically identifies tickets that are purchased and not used, recouping their value. We are well aware of how much the cost of business trips affects a company’s budget. That’s why we work everyday to monitor your expenses daily with Air Track Expert.

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