Worry-Free Travel

Organising your Business Trips is our job

When business travellers are able to focus on their work and not on organising their trip, we’ve done our job. Our team can quickly take care of everything, from a cancellation to a delayed flight, at anytime of day or night. In fact, our assistance services, active 24 hours a day, quickly come to the rescue, taking care of any problem.

Services and Assistance

Personal Assistant

Every company deserves dedicated support. We can provide a team of travel consultants that will watch over you during every stage of your trip.


Thanks to our consultants, available 24 hours a day, we monitor your trip constantly, with immediate access to travellers’ itineraries and profiles.

Risk Management

Our system for handling unforeseen situations makes it possible for companies to quickly identify any travellers that are in danger and provide them with immediate assistance.

VIP Support

Some travellers are more demanding than others, and so in order to respond to their needs the VIP Executive Support offers a range of highly personalised and dedicated support. Outstanding individuals who provide outstanding support. Over 15 years of experience, extensive knowledge of business travel and booking systems, proficiency in one or more foreign languages, an ability to problem solve, and an ability to handle information with the proper degree of confidentiality: these are the skills of the Executive Support team.
Executive Support provides optimum management of a whole series of potential needs, such as:

  • Web check-in and seat assignment
  • Booking of chauffeured-car service and car rental
  • Notifications and alerts regarding any information that is useful for avoiding difficult situations
  • Lost & Found Management
  • Flight Tracking
  • Additional Assistance
  • Reservations for family members and escorts
  • Private Flights
  • Review of Travel Documents
  • Executive Meetings
  • Airport Lounges

Traveller Support

Find and Alert

Travel Managers can find travellers during a crisis and contact them via SMS, e-mail, or a direct alert on their mobile phone.

Act Quickly

Real time elaborations and information make it possible for Travel Managers to give priority to travellers who are in trouble and to make decisions aimed at solving any problem quickly.

End-to-End Management

We offer completely customisable and flexible travel solutions, providing Risk Managers with the opportunity to personalise their preferences.

Risk Management Travel

Life is full of uncertainties. Companies must be proactive in supporting and protecting their most precious asset: their travellers. Our risk management systems make it possible to proactively monitor travel plans, identify travellers wherever they are, and communicate with them quickly, supporting the safety of the trip and the management teams who are authorised to make quick decisions.

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