Analyse and Understand Your Travel Expenses

Obtain Significant and Real Savings

Through the application of advanced business intelligence technology and consultation with our account managers, our reporting services allow you to analyse and identify spending dynamics, obtaining significant and real savings.


We offer a reporting system that monitors your company travel program

Spending Trend

We show you how you can influence the spending trend of trips


We suggest ways to increase the value of your company travel program

Business Travel Review

Maximise the efficiency of what you spend, compare it with other industries, and discover new opportunities to save. The Business Travel Review is the document that we regularly draft and share with you to keep track of all of your company travel expenses. We will provide you with a framework of your spending trend when it comes to business travel spending and all of your figures

Green Insights

Uvet | American Express Global Business Travel makes a range of reporting tools available which allow you to monitor the carbon emissions of your travel activities.

The potential environmental impact of a business traveller’s travel choices can be viewed in our BizTravel self booking tool.

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